New Study || Joy

I am supposed to be preparing for our newest chronic illness Bible study – which starts on Monday, September 26 (link for FB group and Amazon bookstore). But, I am falling in love with this certain set of Scriptures: 6 So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials forContinue reading “New Study || Joy”


Staying Afloat

A lot of times, one of the hardest things is to stay afloat. To keep from drowning in our circumstances. This is one of the things that unites us at Gracefully Overcoming. Because it doesn’t matter if it is finances, faith, or fatigue from chronic illness, we are all trying to stay afloat. We areContinue reading “Staying Afloat”

Looking Intently At Our Lives

Sometimes, our grief to our trials or illness can overwhelm us soo tremendously! I watched “I Still Believe” tonight. I sobbed uncontrollably for the entire two hours. Suffering with chronic illness is very difficult. There, often, aren’t words to sum up what a person (even a true follower of our Savior Jesus Christ) can experience.Continue reading “Looking Intently At Our Lives”

Devotion: Good Out of Bad

Life is hard. We need to be able to weep with our Mighty God about our difficulties, so we can begin to see how He is working, with fresh eyes as we grieve with the reminded that our Savior Jesus is grieving too. Confession: I don’t like being sick, but there is something very beautifulContinue reading “Devotion: Good Out of Bad”