Every Season

I know God can bring good things out of my pain. I just have to keep enduring. Before tonight, I hadn’t been outside of our front door in nearly a week. I have Dysautonomia, and it has been absolutely brutal these past few weeks. My Summer goal was to not cancel appointments and to keep…… Continue reading Every Season

Know What You Are Fighting For

I want to be someone who knows what she is fighting for, and so she keeps fighting. I want to keep remembering who holds the key to my heart [Jesus Christ]. I want to keep progressing. Even if it is at a snail set pace. … Yet, I keep running. I keep enduring. I keep…… Continue reading Know What You Are Fighting For

When Loneliness Strikes…

What do you do when loneliness strikes, in the midst of a trial? This is not an exhaustive post. This is not a “how to fix your life in five easy steps.” This is me, a broken person reaching out to share my heart and hurts. Loneliness hurts. It is hard to feel alone. Especially…… Continue reading When Loneliness Strikes…

5.22.15 – While I’m Waiting

A few days ago, I received a little piece of news. O k a y A big piece of news. It’s been a bit more difficult to process than other things have been, but with a lot of help from God, my Creator, I am on my way to coping with the news. W h…… Continue reading 5.22.15 – While I’m Waiting

5.3.15 – God Suffers, Too

God provides everything we need – the moment we need it. While sharing my heart yesterday, I mentioned the difficulty of the road I was standing on. The heavy weakness upon my body. While there is still there, varying in intensity, God allowed me to come across the most comforting quote. “I don’t know how…… Continue reading 5.3.15 – God Suffers, Too