Sunday Strength: Hitting Reset

Wanna know my favorite part about the beginning of a new week? The ability to hit reset. I love the ability to hit reset. A few weeks ago, I felt led to jump start into some new changes. One of which is following a Chronological Bible Reading Plan. I have decided to use my blog’s…… Continue reading Sunday Strength: Hitting Reset

Sunday Strength: The Powerful Vine

Let me start off by apologizing if you received an email overload from the blog, it was completely unintentional. I am trying to work on publishing some old (or never published) blog posts. I have p-l-e-n-t-y to be published. When I started this morning, there were 400 “private” blog posts. Now for today’s post… Tonight,…… Continue reading Sunday Strength: The Powerful Vine

Sunday Strength: Being There for Those Who Have Forgotten You

For the past couple of weeks, we have hit some pretty heavy topics that are affect how we live. Next: Being a listening voice of grace when others may not been there for you. The Intimacy of Our Struggles We see and feel everything that we face, on a more-than-intimate level, and face others walking through their…… Continue reading Sunday Strength: Being There for Those Who Have Forgotten You

Sunday Strength: Overcoming Darkness of Depression

Depression. We all have heard about it. Likely, we have experienced it ourselves. Maybe, we haven’t been depressed ourselves, but have known someone who has. Psalms: Anatomy of All Parts of the Soul This Sunday Strength, I want to discuss depression. According to one source, the Bible has 1,189 chapters. They are not solely chapters…… Continue reading Sunday Strength: Overcoming Darkness of Depression

Sunday Strength: Comparison

A few editions ago of “… In Trials,” we began discussing faith becoming evident, during our times of trials. Right now, I am in a bout of debilitating physical weakness. It’s hard, but one thing that gets easier during these moments… the comparison game. The Art of Comparison We all play the “what if” and even the…… Continue reading Sunday Strength: Comparison