Time In Between: The Love of God

♫ But it’s the time in between/ That brings me to my knees/ Knowing You came for me/ And all that I can’t be/ I’m amazed, so amazed/ And I thank You for the time in between ♫ There is so much you and I could never be. Still, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to take…… Continue reading Time In Between: The Love of God

Gloomy Black Friday

From 11.23.12 Black Friday looked very gloomy, but it is how God brought salvation to all men! Luke 23.44-24.2 John 19:33-42 Mark 15.33-16.8 I noticed a lot of good things in today’s passages. Some key added insights to what happened on black Friday and the Sunday when He rose again. Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus’ body off the…… Continue reading Gloomy Black Friday

Isaiah 53:4a – Allowing Him to Carry Your Burdens

In the Interlinear Bible, we find these words from Isaiah 53:4a (if you click the highlighted word, it will take you to its meaning in the original language). Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried; My paraphrase based on the definitions: In fact our afflictions (grief, illnesses, and sicknesses) He Himself…… Continue reading Isaiah 53:4a – Allowing Him to Carry Your Burdens

Intentional Pilgrimage

I titled this section “Pilgrimage to Easter”, because that is precisely what it is. Often times, I am not prepared for Easter. My spirit is far from prepared for the glory of Easter and all that it encompasses. Lent, for me, is a pilgrimage. It is a gradual approach to Easter, that requires diligence that…… Continue reading Intentional Pilgrimage

Thoughts on Ash Wednesday

I went onto my Twitter page. Tons of things trending concerning Ashe Wednesday. Lots of “selfies” of others participating in Ash Wednesday. Even without the “selfies”, there are lots of updates and comments that are meant to be left between you and God. I guess, it just “surprised” me how many posted what they were doing.…… Continue reading Thoughts on Ash Wednesday