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F & L: Foreigners and Lovin’

As I face trials in this life, I become increasingly homesick for my heavenly Home where I will worship the Lord forever. Forever means something else in the presence of God. We live in a world where I am sure that we don’t comprehend eternity. To us. forever can mean until something better comes along. […]

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An Anger Flare

Ever wonder what happened to make one’s anger flare? Perhaps, yours. I am reminded of this Scripture where we learn how to limit the amount of anger that flares in one situation or another. We find our answer in Proverbs 15:1. “A gentle answer turns anger away. But mean words stir up anger (NIRV).” If […]

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The Destructive – Popular Road (Part One)

We should expect an increase of violence in the land we live in. In the United States of America. If we think it is bad now, we can expect it to get much worse. But, how can I say, such a thing? Why would I say such a thing? When we deny God the authority […]