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New Study || Joy

I am supposed to be preparing for our newest chronic illness Bible study – which starts on Monday, September 26 (link for FB group and Amazon bookstore). But, I am falling in love with this certain set of Scriptures: 6 So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for […]

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No More!

I have an announcement to share: Those who seem as though they too have it altogether, have to hang onto this eternal promise given by our Perfect God! Whether you are a super-model or homeless, or somewhere in the middle, you will face trouble in this life. In John 16, the Lord Jesus Christ has […]



We seem to be on a “trust” theme today on social media. Totally unintentional on my end. I grab images from a variety of places on Facebook. But I can feel this one in my soul – yall! So often, it is very easy to believe the lie that we aren’t worthy. In Christ. In […]


Better Than The BEST Of Ourselves

I truly believe this! Yesterday, I was super sick so I didn’t get to any of my devotion time. I am loving Spurgeon’s Forty Mornings and Evenings in Psalms devotional … My body was not digging yesterday though. So my devotion time had to take the back seat. It’s all about spending time, QUALITY time […]

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My Redeemer!

Each day, we are given the opportunity to intentionally worship the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ. And He wants all of us. It isn’t that He only wants our best offerings. But He loves each of us SO much that He wants every crack and blemish. He wants every bit of us. And that is […]