Gracefully Overcoming is a place to write about the things that I am either interested in or struggling with.  I share my blessings, and those I struggle to see as blessings. I hope you all will be greatly encouraged or comforted in knowing you are not alone, as you read.

God has given me this blog as a place to just learn and grow more in my relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. It has been such an encourager in my own life, and I hope it is an encouragement for those who read the contents of Gracefully Overcoming as well.


  1. Hi Stacey,
    As always I find your blogs very up lifting and they usually go right along with something happening in my life. I love your faith. It si pure and strong. You most certainly a woman after God’s own heart, as David was.

    I shall pray for your family and watch for a miracle from our Heavenly Father.

    Clair O

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