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High Priority Worship

Do you remember how the offerings were given in Exodus 25? Flip your Bible over there for a moment.

While there was many things needed in the making of the Lord’s tabernacle, the Lord told Moses:

“Accept the contributions from all whose hearts are MOVED to offer them (v. 2).”

This is the worship offering that the Lord will accept. We need to be intentional about living in a way that pleases God – because it is a voluntary offering.

The Lord’s conversation with Cain definitely reminds us of this.

Cain and Abel both brought offerings to the Lord at harvest time. But, only Abel’s was accepted. He brought the BEST of what was in his possession.

They weren’t asked to bring the amount of what Job (pronounced Joe-O-b, wealthiest man of Uz – see Job 1:1-3) might offer.

But to willingly bring an intentional, high priority worship offering.

Our lives are the offering we can gladly bring before our Creator and Savior! By using our resources, all our hearts, mind, and soul, pouring into our relationship with Christ Jesus!

Stay tuned for more!

PS: The devotion mentioned this week is “40 Mornings and Evenings in Psalms” by Charles Spurgeon. It is definitely a must read, savor, and use in time with the Lord Jesus Christ!


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