Choosing to Live

I have been wanting to buy a henna pen. I have this “vision” of a cross and semi-colon on my wrist.

Some days, the health stuff honestly feels unbearable. [My photo accidentally typed “unbeatable”. Well, it feels like that too..]

As a Christian, I am trying to hold tightly to my Savior. This is why I am scribing using my Psalms Journal. It gives me an outlet and helps me to not feel alone in my struggles.

This is for all of you who are struggling too.

No, this image isn’t perfect. But it gets a point across.

It is for Christ that I keep on living.

It is for Christ that I press through every hard night where despair is too often a visitor.

It is for my God, my Savior, my Jesus!

And yes, I too have had those thoughts of ” well, it’d be easier because _________.”

You matter!

You matter to the Lord Jesus and to me, and to your family/friends/acquaintances too (even when it doesn’t feel like it).

You matter!!

I have no idea who needs this message tonight. We get the choice to keep fighting to live and seeking Christ. And He has so many wonderful plans for us and how we can be an instrument (a specific tool where He has acted as our Gardener to shape us for this very thing) of the Lord blessing someone else.

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