FB Study Starts June 13!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you all know of a new opportunity to join me in digging into the Word of God – specifically the book of Ephesians!

The “Walking Into The Light” Study Journal is completely optional. But, it is $4 on Amazon right now for those who want to join in the Bible Study.

Because of how the day’s readings are spaced out, it will be a thirteen (13) week Bible Study!

This is an amazing opportunity and super affordable! [Especially if you have Amazon Prime] I paid under $4.50 for my copy.

You will not want to miss this, so be sure to order your journal and join the Facebook Group for our Bible Study on my friend Melanie’s group.

Journal –

Facebook Group –

My apologies for the uneloquent linking, my laptop hasn’t been allowing me to use WiFi last few weeks. So this is all via my cell phone. Who would have ever thought that we could write blog posts or Study Announcements via our phones?

In Christ,


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