Making Disciples of All Nations

In Matthew 28:19-20, we are taught to make disciples of all nations. This goes beyond telling others the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. It means doing life with others, and showing what it means to follow our Savior Jesus.

9.5 years ago, I found myself in an unique position. I was in an university program, where “out of nowhere” my health became quite poor. I didn’t know what was wrong, other than it reached the point of difficulty functioning.

With the courage of a friend, I was able to begin sorting through the issues. I had no idea what was going on. When I found out I was chronically ill, my world kind of stopped for a little while. But a way I coped through this was through writing.

Nine years and six months later, here we are.

I never imagined the Lord would place the ministry He was calling me toward, by basically dropping it in my lap.

I had to find my people and niche, and here we are.

God has given me this incredible ministry, which far exceeds anything I could have ever imagined!

I have never experienced these huge dreams for my life. But, this has been a very cool ride. And, God has used my trials to bring many amazing folks into my life!

Want to know some Gracefully Overcoming stats?

In under 9 1/2 years, we have seen this ministry reach 106 countries, over 16,000 views, and well over 4 thousand subscribers.

To make disciples, we must first share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to tell people about how He wants to save them. We need to come alongside others and do life with them like we see in Scripture. Doing life means reading the Word and encouraging them. How are we doing this very well, my friends?

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