I Am A Chronic Illness Digital Missionary!

I will never step on foreign soil, in all likelihood. This place, right here, is my ministry… my way of serving… my missionary work. As I read “Kisses From Katie,” I am well aware that my life hasn’t turned out exactly as I hoped.

I had different plans for my life. I wanted to adopt and serve those around me. That’s not to say, I am not serving. I am serving and loving those around me. But, it is far different from anything I could ever dream.

I have a hard time, just grasping the place my physical body is in – especially lately, as I face flare ups whenever I have a few too many steps recorded on my fitness watch. I want to experience the Lord God in a far greater way than I am. I want to be able to write and walk, praising all the while I do so.

My life just looks different than I could ever dream. That’s not to say, I am not being called and used mightily through our Savior Jesus Christ. It just isn’t what I pictured in my head. I often share with my friend how I am “losing today at being a daughter and granddaughter”… And she reminds me that I am not. There is just something SO beautiful about having a Christ centered friend who is able to pray and encourage me – and who doesn’t face the multitude of emotions I do, so she can see things more clearly than I can. To have someone there to remind me that I am trying, and giving what I have as a fragrant offering unto the Lord.

In the book of Leviticus, it speaks of sacrifices and giving the Lord a fragrant offering. This is what we get to do, even when our lives don’t exactly turn out as we’d hoped.

Friends, I get the opportunity to sit with you, listen, and hopefully encourage you as well as pray for you. The fragrant offering is still, even when I don’t feel like I have a ton to give. It is still a fragrant offering, because the Lord KNOWS my heart and circumstances.

So I will choose to celebrate this opportunity as a chronically ill, digital missionary. Though it isn’t super often, I get the joy of encouraging you – dear friend!

Oh dear friend, hang in there! Keep leaning into our Savior Jesus and keep reaching out for Christian community who can help you stand especially on your most difficult days. You can always find me here on the website or on Facebook.

~ Stace

P.S. I just restarted my Reading Plan. I definitely don’t expect to have any type of consistency as my health is so bad right now. But at least, I am getting into the Word – even if I can’t manage to send off a quick message about it into cyberspace. I am cherishing that He is the God who sees me! (See Genesis 16:13)


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  1. What a great way to think of it! A chronic illness digital missionary. God has plans for our lives that don’t always make sense to us, but that are for our good and His glory. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Keep shining for Jesus and pointing others to Him!

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