Even Now…

From my private quiet time, but opting to share it with you today. My hope is that it may encourage you in your own walk with Jesus.

“Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” ~ Joel 2:12, NIV

We can input any hard circumstance into the space of “even now”. Go ahead and give it a go!

“Even now as I face hard family things,” return to me with all your heart, with fasting, and weeping and mourning..

I am terrified of failing. It is far safer to not commit to anything, fasting, early quiet time [with my health] or other things, then it is to continue giving myself to the Lord and trusting He will have my back!

Oh girl (or guy reading this), our sweet Savior and Mighty God has your back!

I have been thinking about how torn my heart has become this year. But as I sit here this morning, I am reminded that the Lord must feel much more broken-hearted by my not giving Him much of my heart or time.

If this relationship is truly going to work and be fruitful (with my Savior), then I have to let go and really trust Him! So I am praying my same prayer for second day in a row for Him to give me His resources to help me today. And it is 5a, and it feels like it doesn’t even matter what I do anymore… my body is in such a mess. I am ready to let go and trust my Mighty God.

I know, this will means trials and testings today.
It will mean hard times of proving my faith in Jesus is real.
It will mean being pruned, so my faith in Him will grow.

What does it look like for me to honestly “Return to [my beautiful Savior and Mighty God] with all [my] heart”? I have to keep choosing Jesus, despite circumstances or even the physical results of spending time with Him.

So even when, I am in a physical health flare or have bad days filled with testing, I have to keep running to God by the way of His Son Jesus Christ, even with all my heart. In those hard moments, its so important to ‘find a way’ to meet with the Lord.

One things I have grown to dislike about chronic illness and faith coming together is – I typically get sicker when I try to spend time with the Lord. I don’t know if it’s my method, testing, or both, but I do. However, I still know this one truth:

Our God is faithful and will not leave me to fight this battle in my own strength. He will forever be my Source of strength and joy. The One helping me to make that next step, and the one after that.

So today, I run to Jesus with all my heart. I will try to hold off worrying about tomorrow or next week… and bring today to the forefront of my mind and spend time bringing today before my King!

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  1. Wonderful encouragement to keep choosing Jesus even in the hard stuff. Thank you so much!

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