Facing Uncertainty

Day 1 is teaching me that I am not soo different from others seeking Christ… but prone to panic or wonder as a hymn reminds us (“Come Thou Fount”). We are all facing trying times and trying to keep seeking Him! And our circumstances feel too big, but the truth is our God’s far bigger than our greatest need.

Our Mighty God is absolutely enough to handle our problems. In fact, He is more than enough!

Imagine being Joshua leading many thousands if not millions to their beloved Promised Land. Terrifying enough. Only to be reminded that it is still overwhelmed with their enemies.

Our God being with us, and never leaving us, is enough in the most dire of circumstances. If He is enough in that situation, well then He is enough for me right in my current set of circumstances. When I am most discouraged. And wondering how I can take another step.

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