Now and Always

Let this Psalm wash over you today. Take the time and write it out.

How can we lay down our pride and arrogance?

Choosing to instead, let us find ways to just be with our Savior Jesus the Christ and our King!

I am going to just sit here with this Psalm today. I invite you to join me by going to your quiet space, with your Bible, notebook, whatever resources you feel you need.. I just have my phone nearby, if I need to Joy down a note. My intention is get off of it, once this encouragement is posted.

And spend time with the Lord, praying for your unbelieving friends, family, neighbors, that they may come and experience the depth of what Jesus Christ came to do and how it completely changes everything!

Through the cross, all Christ endured for our sake, and His resurrection, we can have eternal life and a reconciled relationship with God.

This is our God’s amazing love and grace!

Flood the comments with how we can pray for you and your loved ones who desperately need to meet and follow our Savior Jesus Christ, my dear friends!

I have particular folks in mind, but the Lord knows their names and situations, so even commenting “my unspoken” will be prayed for today by us!

By Gracefully Overcoming

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