Announcement: Step Back

As I sit down to write this difficult decision, I am listening to Discovery Church’s Wednesday Worship and Prayer time. The lyrics run down to the deepest part of me, and remind me of my need.

“Set a fire down in my soul
That I can’t contain and I can’t control
I want more of You, God.”

I have come to a difficult decision. If you follow Chronically Ill Bloggers, you might see a resonated struggle. A decision we have to make for our well being and ministries (or online communities). And, some of us hate to make this decision – struggling with it far more than others.

Today, I come before you to announce an adjustment to our Bible study. We will go from 3 posts per a week to only a once a week Bible study. I set too lofty of a goal, when I first decided to not only to keep writing this Summer, but to stubbornly announce an officially Gracefully Overcoming Summer study.

So, what will I do with much less commitments? I will be:

  • Worshiping Jesus right where I am.
  • Write future posts.
  • Primarily, focusing on rest.
  • Study the Bible for myself

I would love to be intensely writing or encouraging the many people in great struggles. But, I need to rest. Friends, I am quite exhausted. So, I think the release of my own expectations is exactly what I need.

We will weekly come together for a Ephesians passage. I would like to set a specific day for our study, but I don’t want to commit to a specified day to study.

But when we do come together, my hope is that it would be a beauty time of study.

I love you all, friends. I am just adjusting my priorities right now, so that I can give and enjoy our time together! My prayer these past few days is, “Lord Jesus, please help me to step back!”

This ministry has always been built upon the Word of God and worshiping Him through our trials. I forget that a different intention means, I don’t have to run this digital ministry like others could.

I get the tremendous privilege to worship Jesus with you all – despite our trials (health, relationships, financial, employment).

And, I don’t want to miss this gift God has given us, because I feel as thought I can’t keep up. I saw something on Facebook that I can’t get out of my head, so you can see the image below.

In Him,

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