Ministering in the Waiting

I am sooo loving this picture and reminder from today’s coloring session. What are you guys doing today? How are you getting alone with our Lord Jesus?

My head hurts today.
But I am finding myself thinking about Monday. My mom is having major surgery on her colon.

Here’s the thing, though: I am seriously wondering and hopeful about how our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ will use me in that hospital waiting room.

Our God always always uses us, even in the hard things – when we give Him the room to work in our lives.

I want to walk into Monday, ready to meet with Jesus and minister in that hard place. Jesus, my beloved Savior, will be sitting with me as I wait for news on my Mama. But He will also be with Mom and the medical personnel.

I am EXCITED to see how our Mighty God will be GLORIFIED as I surrender to Him. Whatever He wills, that’s what I am going to focus my thoughts on. My anxiety may be through the roof in that waiting room. But, our God can minister to me – and to others through my willingness. I am very hopeful about what God is going to do in and through us and our hard circumstances.

Psalm 121 is one of those Scriptures to focus my attention on. Many Psalms I could soak up as I mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for Mom’s new surgery and her recovery.

By Gracefully Overcoming

A writer by nature, and blogs over at I love to write whenever I can. My writings are center around my love relationship with Jesus Christ, His precious words of truth, chronic illness, and singleness.