Mighty Provision

Have you been awe struck by our Mighty God and His provision? This is where I find myself this week.

These past few months have been quite difficult, but His provision is what makes it all worth it. As we continue on our faith journey of surrendering all to our Lord Jesus, we are given opportunities to obey and to be blessed by Him.

Today, let us center our thoughts on His provisions. The God we follow, trust, and serve, is the One who is fully capable of meeting every single one of our needs – regardless of how big or small we may think those needs are!

Read: Genesis 26:12

Isaac sowed seed in that land, and in that year he reaped a hundred times what was sown. The Lord blessed him (Genesis 26:12)

What are we doing what the blessings our God has given us? How can we sow (or plant) in our relationships with God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ through knowing Him on a deeper level? What about our obedience to Him? And, how about in the ways we plant the Gospel in our relationships with others?