Our World’s Contractions

Been keeping up to date about the latest earthquakes (& there was another big one as I write this – 6.5 in Fiji).

Just like a mama-to-be’s contractions, the contractions of Jesus’ return are increasing… and getting closer and closer together!

What does this mean?

Our Lord Jesus the Christ will be coming back for His children and set apart followers very soon. Friends, make sure you are right with the Lord. You will not want to be left behind. We all need Jesus Christ. To be separated from Christ for all eternity is unfathomable heartache and shear agony.

Our Lord Jesus came to SAVE us!! How are we repenting of our sinful ways and choosing to accept His free gift of salvation and follow Him?

When I was a kid, I used to have this reoccurring ptsd styled nightmare of being separated from Christ and everyone I love. And that feeling was shear torture. Terrifying. And it was just a glimpse of what happens when someone dies without that intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dont reject Jesus Christ! Accept the warning and reminder to make sure you have settled where you will spend eternity!!

The Bible is clear. The results of sin is spiritual death (Hell) and separation from Christ. We are deserving of Hell as the consequences of our sins, BUT God! God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to take on our punishment and to bring about God’s redemptive plan so we can have Eternal Life and be SAVED from our sins!

What are you waiting for?