Fall QT Routine

There are several topics spiraling through my brain for future posts. But, I want to talk a bit about my current Quiet Time Routine. Since I leave for the doctor in 90 minutes, routines is a good place for today’s topic.

What Time?

Typically, I don’t use an alarm clock in deciding when to get up. It is dependent upon my body and different variables. It is sort of dependent upon:

  • Sleep needed
  • Fatigue/pain level
  • Brain fog
  • Distractions

My “Must Have’s”

While there is no “set time” due to illness, I do have my particulars for my Morning Routine. These are things I enjoy making as part of my Quiet Time and how I prepare my heart/mind/body for the day.

My Quiet Time isn’t as complex as it once was, when I was healthier and younger. My time with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ is the key part to beginning my day. While there isn’t any set order for my day, I love to add three components to it:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible Study (using index cards for notes to stick in my Bible)
  3. Worship music /// Read a Christ-centered book

Seasons of Life

I miss the amount of “in depth” studying that I once had the energy for. But, I love where I am right now, in terms of my relationship with Jesus Christ. As I come before Him each morning, I get the opportunity to talk with Him (and hopefully listen). As I make this time with Him a daily habit, I can find myself falling more in love with my Savior.

How do you find yourself falling more in love with Jesus Christ, with each day?

While my Morning Quiet Time isn’t where I would like it to be, I am in a wonderful place too. My index cards, made from construction paper, are a huge help in developing a passion for God’s Word and this time with Him. I have struggled to break in my new Bible, but having index cards tucked in my Bible is a huge help in creatively seeking God and His Word.

I need to creatively seek God and His Word!

While I am not who I hope to become, I am not who I used to be either. So, I am enjoying this season of worship. I have to enjoy this season, because we never know when life and/or health will take us somewhere else. This is one thing I know, as I have lived with chronic illness for the past 8 years.

My Quiet Times rarely look the same from year to year. This serves as a reminder to cling to Christ Jesus and not a particular study method. While our health may fail, God remains forever. He is strong and our Portion.

God is good, and able to help us through whatever difficult terrain we find ourselves walking through.

What do your mornings and quiet times look like? Do they vary from year to year? Or, have you been able to stay consistent?

Image: Aaron Burden


6 thoughts on “Fall QT Routine

  1. I set my alarm clock early enough to allow plenty of time to spend the first part of my day with Jesus. My quiet time habits do change with time and circumstances. I love this post you shared today. I think my favorite part is your “reminder to cling to Christ Jesus and not a particular study method.”

    1. Thank you.
      I don’t use it often, but I have a “better get up or else” alarm set. I normally get up before it is even close to going off, though. Like today, I knew I had to be up by a certain time. So I set my alarm for that time, but I ended up waking a hour earlier. While I do need the sleep, I need the quiet and Jesus time more! <3

  2. I have to set my alarm to get up at a specific time or else it won’t get done. Sadly, I am not consistent as I should be, but I’m working on becoming more consistent. My quiet time usually consists of prayer and bible journaling, which I have found to be really enjoyable.

  3. My wife works, so she’s usually my alarm clock as a househusband. Tbh, breakfast and coffee come before quiet time, but then I read from old and new testament and psalms. One verse of my readings becomes the devotional for the day on my blog…

    1. I honestly have to eat before I can settle down with my quiet time. I love the way you do your quiet time, where the different areas of Scripture are included! Soon, I will be using a verse for each day for my blog. At least, I hope so.

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