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Prayerfully Reliant on God Alone [Book Review]

For the past week, I have been able to spend time with our Savior Jesus in prayer. Quality prayer. As I am learning, the fellowship we can experience with our Mighty God is beyond comprehension. This is the relationship I have hoped for. I am beyond thankful for this time.

Fellowship with God

How often are we placing ourselves in fellowship with God? Often we consider fellowship, as something between a fellow believer and ourselves. However, we can experience fellowship with our sovereign God Himself!

The difference is craving this time of sweet intimacy with an even sweeter King Jesus Christ who is our Savior. God desires to spend time with us. Let’s grow in enjoying God!

If you are like most, setting aside and carrying out a daily prayer time is a struggle. Unless you have seen firsthand the outcome of such devotion. Even then, you likely still might wrestle with some aspects of prayer.

I can testify this has been my experience – the struggle it has been to give my worship offering through prayer. However, something has occurred in the last few weeks to change this. Suddenly, I adapted to the act of beginning a prayer session with the Holy One. It isn’t about praying perfectly or for a strict hour. It is about realizing how our Mighty God has saved us through His Son Jesus Christ and meeting regularly with Him.

But, there is one book which has left an impact concerning prayer.

Mr. George Müller

Have you heard of George Müller?

He can be described as a man of persistent faith who truly knew how to operate from a place of prayer. This man crazily enough brought his needs only to God and allowed Him to speak that need to others. God impressed it upon others’ hearts to give, and it was always at the appointed time before the orphanage ran out of food, money, etc.

I say “crazily enough,” because how many of us could be that bold? Far too quickly, we share our needs with whoever will listen even if it is not God’s will for the need to be met. I say this because not every need is within the boundaries of God’s will. To pray more like this, is radical, forces us to follow only Jesus Christ, and develops within us an absolute dependence upon our Creator.

The George Muller book I recommend can be found on Amazon. Best part? It is free! While there, you could even pick up a digital copy of Grace Leads – which is on sale for $0.99 (until Wednesday, 8/7/19).

Image: Aaron Burden

Be blessed, my friends.



7 responses to “Prayerfully Reliant on God Alone [Book Review]”

  1. My prayer life has changed as seasons in my life have changed. Right now my life is very demanding and I don’t have the long blocks of time I once enjoyed in a quite room. I’ve learned to pray where I am.
    Have you never read “Before Amen” by Max Lucado? It’s a great book on prayer too. He studies through the Lord’s prayer.

    1. Praying wherever we are, is sooo key. Today, my prayer life looks different than it does Mon-Thurs. I haven’t gotten a chance to read “Before Amen” yet, but I love Max Lucado!

  2. Definitely adding this to my list of books to read! I love reading faith-centred books. Thank you!

  3. Praying boldly is so important. God is able to do more than we can ever imagine.

  4. everydaywiththeking Avatar

    Is it his autobiography that you are suggesting or another book?

    1. It is from his journal, actually. It’s pretty short, which is why it’s free. But, I gained a lot of insight from it.

      1. everydaywiththeking Avatar

        Thanks :)
        I just downloaded it!

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