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June 2019

  • #25 (Summer Series ’19)

    #25 (Summer Series ’19)

    June 25 2019 Thank You, Lord. Thank You for Your divine grace. Lord, You are SO good to us! Today’s Reading is: Habakkuk 1 and Psalm 119:7-8. “With an upright heart, I will praise You as I learn how to live for You – my God and King! I will keep Your Word. Don’t forget… Continue reading

  • #23 (Summer Series 2019)

    #23 (Summer Series 2019)

    Reading Psalm 119:1-3, Luke 23 1 Blessed are those whose ways are blameless,    who walk according to the law of the Lord.2 Blessed are those who keep his statutes    and seek him with all their heart—3 they do no wrong    but follow his ways. Psalm 119:1-3, NIV In Psalm 119:1-3, we are given three things that a blessed / happy person… Continue reading

  • #18 (2019 Series)

    Luke 18 – Prayer Always, always pray and never ever give up. Our God never betrays us. He always loves and protects us (verse 1). Unlike the judge, we can never wear out God and He always loves and longs to hear from us (verse 5). God will see that things are made right for… Continue reading

  • #17 (2019 Series)

    Luke 17 Highlights (From My Journal) Take responsibility for your actions (verse 1). Rebuke and forgive (always, always forgive) those who sin against you (verses 3-5). Faith is powerful. When we trust our Lord Jesus Christ, it makes a difference in our lives and definitely changes things! (verse 6). Don’t expect applause for doing your… Continue reading

  • Desperate Cry

    While I may not remember what it is that I am reading, I am trusting the Lord God that His Word still is getting into my spirit – and changing me from the inside-out. Even though I couldn’t tell you word for word Psalm 142:1-2 is about, I do know this chapter is about desperately… Continue reading

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My name is Stacey. This is my favorite space on the web. Gracefully Overcoming has become my outlet as I learn to cope with multiple chronic illnesses. It is where my trials and faith in Christ come together.