#18 (2019 Series)

Luke 18 –


Always, always pray and never ever give up. Our God never betrays us. He always loves and protects us (verse 1).

Unlike the judge, we can never wear out God and He always loves and longs to hear from us (verse 5).

God will see that things are made right for us. For me (verse 8). I wrote a bit about my day and this bullet point on my Insta.

Difference in Relationship

This passage of the tax collector and pharisee addresses something important (verse 9-14). Will we trust in ourselves or our Mighty God? That is what matters. The.Most.Important.Thing.

Take note of the difference of their attitude and prayers (Pharisee vs. Tax Collector). Which one sounded like they really sought after the Lord? The world knew the tax collector wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t matter. The Lord justified this man, because he truly humbled himself and sought the Lord.

The Pharisee’s prayer mentioned himself a lot. Of things he had done. “I…. I…. I….” Let’s make our prayer focus our King of Kings – Jesus Christ!

For the Kids

Our Lord Jesus wanted the children to come to Him (verses 15-17). They weren’t a distraction of His travel plans. He allowed the children to come to Him, as a way of saying – All are welcome to come to Him! We can all be reconciled to our Lord God through Jesus Christ!

The Kingdom belongs to people like them!

Verse 16b

The Rich Rule + Jesus

This rich ruler respected Jesus (called him “good teacher”). His question is one we all want to ask, but would we follow His way? The way to eternal life is following our Lord Jesus Christ! (verses 18-30)

Coming Death

Jesus tells the twelve (verses 31-34). These were those who knew Him best. And He prepared them for His suffering. It would be brutal (and it was).

But on the Third Day, Jesus would raise again! So, we can be justified! Saved! Forgiven! Able to have a relationship with our Father in Heaven!

A Begar

A blind man reached out to Jesus, when it would require great faith (verses 35-43). Being sick for so long, would have affected his confidence. Would Jesus even listen to this man?

His blindness was no longer his identity. Jesus healed this man. He chose to follow Jesus and praise God! What a marvelous God we serve!


Defend the poor and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Psalm 82:3

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