#1 (2019 Series)

Read Luke 1, Psalm 20

Have you ever had a topic hot on your heart, but you just aren’t prepared to “deal with it”? That is, how I feel today. Then, I am met with today’s reading which guides my heart directly where it needs to be. You can grab our Summer Reading Schedule and join us, if you would like! You can find us on social media also. Just type in “Gracefully Overcoming” to the search bar.

We actually have a Facebook group, specifically for our Summer Bible Reading Plan – Challenge. Grab your reading plan, and hop over to the group – and join us. This reading plan is designed to help you draw nearer to our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s okay if your speed isn’t everyone else’s – mine isn’t either. I am sure I will post out of order, and miss days.. It will be a messy journey but one that will take me farther than I could imagine!!

In Luke 1, we are met with two women. Both women, by all natural circumstances, were unable to have children. While Elizabeth was older, Mary was a virgin. Both are pretty near “impossible” circumstances to ever birth sons. Yet in those very circumstances, our God shows His sovereignty.

But these were women who had to trust the One True God no matter how different His Words to them sounded. They had to choose Him, over their fears and doubts and the chatter of those within their community.

Anything is possible with God (Luke 1:37).

Will we, as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, choose to believe this biblical statement? This is the statement we are met with. Even when God’s promises don’t match up to our circumstances, we need to choose to trust Him anyway. We need to choose to trust Him, even when life doesn’t measure up to the vision we had for ourselves. We need to choose to “talk to Him as we would a friend” and pray about the things heavy on our hearts.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

Instead of dancing around the thoughts or daydreams, bring it before God. Lay it down at His throne. This is the gift we are given as Daughters of the Most High God. We can come and lay it down at His feet, so our souls are not more burdened than necessary. Doesn’t that sound like a better way, than juggling fears // doubts versus God’s promises?