Stepping into 1 Corinthians

Finding Abundant Life {Stepping into 1 Cor}

This week, we began to study 1 Corinthians. Specifically 1:1-9. Did you join us this week? What was your favorite part of this passage? 

Let’s take a moment to read it.

You might be feeling broken and lonely.
. . . or had the most amazing week of your life (it’s rare, but happens).

Wherever you are, I want to come and share some God given truths with our hearts today. God knows how our week has gone, and will meet us exactly where we are.

We can take down our masks and be honest with our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

God Fills Us!

He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out (John 10:3b, NIV).

In John 10:3-10, we are reminded of the amazing love our generous Savior has for each one of us. As we come to Him, He is able to fill every empty space in our lives. His Word is truly water for our souls.

So, let us come and allow our hearts to be filled. Our circumstances may differ from a hurting loved one, but our circumstances matter – especially to God. He loves you and absolutely wants to be your Shepherd. He knows the details of your life. He knows the sort of encouragement you need tonight.

3 Truths –

God enriches the church in every way (v. 5). We have been given God’s Word, where we are able to meet the God of the Universe and discover the amazing love and plans He has for us – as His people. We can hear and understand God’s promises, because the gifts He has given us. Our lives may seem lacking, but He has enriched our lives immensely! He still has this amazing, abundant life in store for His people – as we come to Him. He is making the impossible – possible.

God keeps us strong until the end, so we will be free of all blame when our Lord Jesus Christ returns (v. 8). At times, it is easy to feel like we are anything but strong and blameless. Often, all we can see is our weaknesses and why we are worthy of blame. In these moments, may we run to our Lord Jesus Christ and remember the gift He is giving us – of deliverance and freedom. He came to set us free, and allow us the opportunity to be in a relationship with our heavenly Father.

As we run to Him, He will give us all we need.

God is faithful to do what He says, and He has invited us into partnership with His Son Jesus Christ – our Lord (v. 9). This is my favorite truth I have uncovered lately. To know I have this community with the Lord, it soothes my soul. I haven’t been forgotten. It’s quite the opposite.

We have been invited to fellowship with God’s precious Son Jesus Christ – who has become our Lord. We don’t have to wait, but can experience a relationship of great intimacy and depth with our Lord Jesus right now {and it’s an absolute gift}.

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