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Stepping into 1 Corinthians SCHEDULE

Our newest study begins on Monday! Can you believe it? It is almost here!! I am super excited to get started. My physical health is in flare mode, so I may be quieter than my preference during this study. But, we are going to do the Bible study and see what the Lord decides to do in our lives. He will do something beyond marvelous!

So my blog posts may be significantly shorter than normal. The grammar may not resemble someone of my background. But, I want for us to see what the Lord our God is going to do in our midst.

Our Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to meet us here, and may we choose to say “yes Lord”. May we come and bring whatever we have to offer in an absolutely intentional manner.

The goal today is to bring you our schedule. Now here is the thing: Each week, our Facebook page is going to have a discussion question. It will be posted Sunday or Monday – so be on the lookout if you are on Facebook!

Our first blog post for this study likely won’t happen until the end of the new week. My original goal was to have it posted on Tuesday. But, sometimes things change.

Now for our schedule ♥.

Also: The manuscript journal might make a great addition if you are a note taker with little room in your Bible (like me! I really need to find my manuscript journal, it would make this time soo much more fruitful. Plus: it’s a keepsake for the many weeks I spend in this study.)

For more details on the study itself, click here.

In Christ who is our Anchor and Forever Hope,


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