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REMINDER – New Journal Designs!

Just a reminder friends, that our brand new study begins on Monday!!

This is a good opportunity we are met with, but it is also a hard one. We all face different and difficult seasons in our lives

. . . which sometimes makes it hard to just dive into the Word of God.

Or to make it our highest priority.

I know the struggle of committing to Bible study, especially one like this one, where we aren’t sure how long it will last (or maybe how long I will last). Let’s jump into the Word of God – together! And watch what marvelous things He will do in our midst. Choose to worship Him in this moment with what we can offer!

Starting Monday, we will be diving into the book of 1 Corinthians. I love the ease of the schedule. You set the schedule for how your week of studying will go. Let’s just draw near and study at our own pace.

No pressure what so ever. Just draw nearer to the Lord, let Him speak to us through His Word, and encourage each other.

There is a helpful journal (which I share a bit of next week – Monday, I believe), that I have assembled. You can purchase it over at Amazon.

What I find amazing is how the journal is formatted. It is different from our usual journals. This one actually allows you to write notes and get highlighting crazed – while studying the Word of God. It is a different type of journal than what we are used to, but I have been enjoying it.

If you aren’t interested in the manuscript journal, we still have our eight week basic Bible study journal available too (with two new “cover designs” {here is 1 of them}).

One last note: The website for this blog will soon be changing. Be sure to use this link instead.

Looking forward to our time of community and studying the Word together.

Featured image by Allen Taylor.



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