Reviewing Sabbath – Lent 2018

“A few years, or more than “a few,” I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a few days at a monastery. It was near perfection (although we might of gotten caught roaming part of the land we weren’t supposed to be near). But, it taught me a lot about Sabbath-ing. ”

Image by Marius Masalar.

2017 Bible Challenge

For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath (Matthew 12:8, WEB).

Seems appropriate to talk about pausing yesterday, and now we move onto Sabbath. The emphasis is rest and meeting the Lord right where we are. Maybe, we aren’t in a good place – in life right now. The truth of the matter is – our great God, who sent His Son Jesus Christ to save us, is ready to sit with and be with us wherever we are! (And He is working in our circumstances, grieving with (or perhaps, over) us, and waiting for us to let Him in)

Sabbath is talking about the weekend, in particular (whichever day you “celebrate” it). For those in ministry, your set apart day of rest might even be Monday or Thursday. Whichever day you set aside, take that time away to be with the Lord, to truly rest, and…

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