#ShareFourSomethings – A Link Up Post

Hey friends! Tonight, I want to do something a bit different. Following Mrs. Disciple’s lead, I want to share my own four things for the month of February. This is a nice way to “recap” life. What are some new favorite’s in my life?

Choosing to join this link up with Heather’s “Share Four Somethings”.

Something Loved

Right now, I am clinging to Hawk Nelson’s new song “Parachute.” It is exactly what my soul needs to hear.

‘Cause I am falling, will You catch me?
God, I need You to be my rescue
I am broken, will You fix me?
God, I need You to be my rescue
Be my parachute

Coming in 2nd is Matthew West’s “Mended”, and this whole playlist right here.

Both songs are speaking greatly to me, as I walk through my own brokenness. 

Something Read

Right now, I am diving into “Enduring Trials God’s Way” by Scott LaPierre. This book is just soo touching, while I face health flares. This is my night time companion right now. I listen to my audio feature on my Kindle each night (if it’s charged enough), as I go chapter by chapter through this book – which the Lord is using to keep me close to Him and build me up!

Something Said

“. . . I think that deep connection we all long for will finally be filled when we see Jesus face to face. . .”

This was said in a Christian group I belong to. I only can share a snippet of it, since it was said in a closed group. But, I have been sorta clinging to // wrestling with this statement, where this longing might just be a longing for Heaven. Maybe, it is just a deep longing for the Lord. It might, it might be the Spirit stirring me to pursue Christian community on a whole ‘nother level (made for community, friends). But, it is something I have been thinking on.

Something Learned

Have I learned anything this month? There are always a lot of lessons I am learning. Some involve opening deep emotions. This is true, even in the food thing.

My big “lesson” this month has been to be more faithful to eating plant based. I have been experiencing much more POTSy moments the past few days. Nothing that has landed me in the hospital, thankfully, but it is the reality that my physical body has much different needs than others seem to. I don’t want more “black out” moments, so I need to really be careful with how I eat (because unfortunately I am getting back to where I was before, health wise).

This seems to be my biggest “lesson” these days, just trying to convince myself that avoiding temptations is worth it. Because it is a hard way of eating to follow. Just because it means more dietary restrictions. Right now, I am just being reminded that I can do this because God passionately loves me. He will help me do this. It’s just fighting through the emotions and temptations of this new way of living.

But today, I did find and make a delicious fully plant based and allergen’s safe banana bread recipe. Which I will share here soon. <3

Still seeking Him, just dealing with many moments of discouragement and depression,


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