Let Your Progress Be Known {POTF}

Hey friends!!

It is really late, but here is this week’s “focus” verse.

Practice these things; be committed to them, so that your progress may be evident to all (1 Tim. 4:15, CSB).

The purposes of God need to be thoroughly fastened in our heart and mind, and we must give our time and attention to them. Matters of importance do not come automatically (Jack Hayford, New Spirit-Filled Life Bible).

Also: I have started a place to share thoughts on Lent readings. No guarantee I can stay  caught up on the reading plan I am doing, but it is a nice way to prepare my heart for Easter. So if that is something that interests you, feel free to check it out or share with others. The topic for this reading plan is “Restored”.

Our great God is our Awesome Restorer!! There is nothing too big for the Lord to restore, my friends.

Image by Kees Streefkerk

~ Stacey