Cultivating Godly Leadership {{POTF}}

Cultivating Godly Leadership {{POTF}}

One of the things I love about the Bible is the road map we are given. In Titus 1:5-9, we are actually taught about godly character. We don’t have to sit around and guess as to how we ought to act, but we are given a road map. This road map teaches us what godly character ought to look like, particularly for those in leadership.

We have all heard the news stories, where someone in church leadership has done some unfathomable crime and everything gets turned upside down. Friends, let’s take some time and listen to what the Lord wants to teach us. We are taught about godly character we need to cultivate, especially for the men in our church. This passage is specifically for church leadership, but isn’t it something that would enhance our ministries if we too possessed these key characteristics?

We need to pray for godly men to step up in our congregations. Men who possess these key characteristics through the Holy Spirit.

We need the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work – before we allow these men to take up these crucial roles.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “Well I am not a man” or just a plain “I have no interest in becoming a church leader.” I am with you on this one, but think of the many blessings that come with these godly characteristics. The Holy Spirit is the One weaving these characteristic together in our lives, and will use it to bless us, our families, and our ministries.

Man or not, church leader or not, these are characteristics that honor God and welcome the Holy Spirit to work mightily in our lives! Take a few moments to read Titus 1:5-9 over at Bible Gateway (or in your personal Bible) and meet me here afterwards – and we will “get started”.

For this reason I left you [behind] in Crete, that you might set right what was defective and finish what was left undone, and that you might appoint elders and set them over the churches (assemblies) in every city as I directed you (Titus 1:5, AMPC).

In this passage, we see God’s design for the Timothy’s in our congregations. Just as Timothy was chosen by God and sent to straighten up things in the Cretian churches, God has given our congregations elders and overseers to put things in order, protect the people of God, and build up the body of Christ.

These characteristics are key, in helping our leaders draw nearer to the Lord and live out their assignments.

  • Their home life: The husband of one wife, faith filled children who aren’t rebellious.
  • The condition of his heart: This man is not ruled by his emotions or sinful nature, nor is he a man of excess.
  • The evidence of the Holy Spirit: Pursues the Lord over this world, holy, and the appearance of spiritual fruit such as being self – controlled.
  • The evidence of his faith: Holds onto the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this is what he teaches. His goal is to preach Christ and Him alone!

Friends, let’s be intentional in helping our Christian brothers to cultivate these kind of standards in their lives. This is not a legalistic approach, but how we can best allow our Lord Jesus Christ to shine. Our brothers need us to encourage them to draw nearer to the Lord and welcome the Holy Spirit’s work – so they can become more like Christ. But, this call is for the women too – the daughters of our Most High God, but our assignment might be completely different than our brothers called into eldership.

Whoever you are: Choose to follow our Lord Jesus. Choose to see what He is wanting to use you to do in His Kingdom! We are given the opportunity to see God’s design for His sons and daughters as we live out our various God given assignments!

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  1. Definitely a great reminder that we should strive to encourage men in the church community to live Holy-Spirit filled lives.

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