Day: May 21, 2017

  • Job 21-23

    Job 21-23

    Chapter 21 – Job speaks “Listen to what I say. Let this be your way of comforting me. Be patient while I speak. Then after I have finished speaking, you may make fun of me (vv. 2-3, ERV).” All Job wants is – comfort. He is hurting on an intense level, and his friends aren’t showing much comfort […]


  • Leviticus 1-2

    Leviticus 1-2

    Then the Lord called to Moses and said to him from the meeting tent, Speak to the Israelites and say to them: When any of you present a livestock offering to the Lord, you can present it from either the herd or the flock (1:1-2, CSB). The Lord is deliberate in teaching the Israelites how […]

  • Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7

    Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7

    Assigned Reading for January 3: Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7 Genesis In chapters 8-11, we find a lot of things going on. This is 4 chapters of life being lived and learning how to follow God or struggling with sin but not enjoying it as much as it promises. While Satan promises comfort and satisfaction, sin […]

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