Week 3: Alone with God (Wrap-Up)

Week 3: Alone with God (Wrap-Up)

As I read and remember 1 Thessalonians 3, this woman’s prayer to God is “Lord, I can’t do this!” Okay Lord, show us what you got.


1 Thessalonians 3 can be a difficult read. We are finding ourselves in various seasons of life. While some of us have these kind of friends, I am reminded that others do not. Whichever season of life you are facing, God will encourage your heart. His chosen method may differ, but God will strengthen your heart and cause your faith in our Savior Jesus to increase.

Paul’s Shoes

Let’s put ourselves in Paul’s shoes: Paul faced persecution from preaching the Gospel. He preached the Gospel to the Thessalonians, alongside his brothers Timothy and Silas. While Paul and Silas remained, Timothy went to see how the Thessalonians were getting along. The Thessalonians were new to the Christian faith and suffered, too.

Alone with God

Before “the brothers” could minister to an entire community of individuals who did not know Christ, they had to have their relationship with Jesus in order. In our own lives, we have to learn to be alone with Jesus.

Part of the suffering we may face is finding ourselves alone.

If we will allow it to, this is the place of seeing the value of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our companionship.

Desperately crying out to God one-on-one is what is needed, more than anything.  Being alone with Jesus, during suffering, is what will build our faith and encourage us beyond measure. Jesus faced suffering, much suffering, so we can be reunited with our great God! Let’s remember this truth, as we face – perhaps more of a lonely period than predicted.

Being alone with Jesus Christ, during suffering, might be needed to lay the framework for our relationship with Jesus.

Today, let’s choose to remember that being alone with Jesus is a good thing (because it is).

Desperately Needing Jesus

While we could quote Scripture for why others ought to be present, we need to stay in Jesus’ presence even more. We can even be tempted to wonder where others’ are, but it might be the wrong focus. Jesus went through so much, so that we can actually be alone with God. Let’s celebrate this truth, that we get to be alone with God!

Where will we allow our focus to be today?

Because of Jesus Christ, we have been reunited with God. The Father paved the way, and saved us! As a result, we have been reconciled to God. God has given us the tremendous gift of His presence. During our times of suffering, this is the time to set our relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ – as the most important relationship of our entire lives.

Remember these words –

The Lord said to Moses (Lev. 6:1).

He wants to talk with you, too, especially during your suffering. Perhaps even, give you a word of encourage to speak to another.

Feature image by Verne Ho.

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