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Five Facts on “Meeting the Thessalonians”

meeting_the_thessalo_cover_for_kindleOn Monday we will begin our brand new study (“Meeting the Thessalonians”), where we will embrace the very Word of God and even enjoy a new format for our study. Keep reading, to find out more about our study!

The Inspiration Behind “Five Friday”

I am “borrowing” this idea from a dear friend. Marie posts “Five Friday” each week, which allows her readers to glean much knowledge and get a glimpse of her life. Marie is a novelist finishing up her first fantasy book entitled “Etania,” and offers many useful writer tips. Learn more by checking out her blog.

Five Truths About Our “Meeting the Thessalonians” Study

(1) Our study begins on Monday, and will take us through the Thessalonians in a Monday through Friday approach! As we draw nearer to God these next nine weeks, we can be sure that we will come out of this study transformed by the grace and goodness of our Lord Jesus!

(2) The blog posts will be different. I have struggled lately with how to go about this particular study. I knew there was a need to keep reasonable expectations in terms of the posts and their style – due to my lifestyle. Plus: I wanted for all of us to be able to count on receiving the blog’s posts arriving on time.

The predictability will help all of us to remain engaged in the Word of God and coming here to share what God is teaching us!

The blog post schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: This post will focus on our memory verse. My goal is to make this a short time to help us all understand the truth behind the memory verse.
  • Friday: This post will be much like this one, only it centers around the week’s Scripture. Perfect way to kick off the weekend.
  • Saturday: This post is probably my favorite. This is the space in our week, where we can come together and learn from one another. It causes us to answer one important question – “How did God speak something special to you this week?”

(3) The journal is available on Amazon for purchase. The Thessalonians Reading Plan is also available. This is the first time I have ever offered a reading plan to be available, for a larger study.  But, it is time. I wasn’t able to purchase the journal, so I knew I wanted to “make a way” for all to be able to participate. While yes I do need the journals to help me generate a small income, to help pay for this blog, I am trusting God to provide and He has. The blog’s web address has been generously paid for another year, so it is not a concern until 2018.

(4) This will be an amazing time of worship. There is so much God wants to show us and allow us to experience, as we come to Him. He wants to show us how to have a faith like the Thessalonians, and lead a godly life where we are influencing many in their relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

(5) It produces an ever-growing intimacy with Christ. This intimacy is the best gift of this study. We are given the opportunity to allow Him to love us, and experience His presence. Also, He is able to spend quality, uninterrupted, time with you. He has things to talk with you about. He has plans for your life, and wants to do life with you – friends.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning me, Stacey. I’m glad I could inspire you!

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