ONE Week Away – Meeting the Thessalonians

Friends, Our study is only one week away! I am excited to share this journey with you all! The study of “Meeting the Thessalonians” has been such a rich time of worship, that has led me closer to God. Honestly, God has used this study to prepare my heart and mind for the season He is allowing meContinue reading “ONE Week Away – Meeting the Thessalonians”


Genesis 27-29; Psalms 51-52

Assigned Reading: Genesis 27-29; Psalms 51-52 Psalms – Chapter 51 – The psalmist cried out for God’s great mercy, because he was faced with his sin. When we sin against God, there is nowhere to hide from the sin or its consequences, or from God. We need to become like the psalmist who runs to God,Continue reading “Genesis 27-29; Psalms 51-52”