Genesis 16-18; Psalms 41-42

Assigned Reading: Psalms 41-42; Genesis 16-18 Psalms – Chapter 41 – God deeply cares for the weak. The Father has an overflow of compassion for us – who are weak. This is such a tender passage of Scripture, that shows us the heart of God. It is a Psalm to be cherished. It shows usContinue reading “Genesis 16-18; Psalms 41-42”


Genesis 12-15; Psalms 38-40

Assigned Reading: Psalms 38-40; Genesis 12-15 Because our study is chronological, it took us to the book of Job after Genesis 1-11. Well now that we have read, mourned, and┬árepented with Job and his friends, it is time to return to Genesis. Are you ready? Genesis is a beautiful book with much insight and truths.Continue reading “Genesis 12-15; Psalms 38-40”