Job 24-28; Psalms 23-25


Assigned Reading for January 10: Job 24-28; Psalms 23-25

Psalms –

Chapter 23 – God is my Shepherd. He doesn’t say He might provide, but that He will provide and actually does. He leads me along the road where I need to go, and makes it all work out – as I stay near to Him.

Chapter 24 – God is holy. He is our Creator. Not only is He our Creator, He allows us to draw near to Him with pure hearts through Christ Jesus. God is the King of glory, and is very good to His people – His Creation.

Chapter 25 – Because our hope is in Him, we are not put to shame. God’s love is unfailing and beyond human limitations. Out of His love, He guides us. As God continues to love, offer us hope, and guide us, we begin to have reverent fear for Him and our eyes are growingly on Him – not the world we live in.

Job –

Seeing Injustice with No Consequence

… But God charges no one with wrongdoing (Job 24:12b)

This Scripture stands out to me, as Job recounts the wrongs he sees. In Job’s eyes, God doesn’t punish those who do wrong. It might seem that way in our own eyes as well, but we have to be reminded that we are not God. We are not holy – far from it, and have human eyes. God does see what is going on, and will act in His time. Thank God for the grace He offers to us through His Son Jesus Christ! Our biggest need as believers is to observe where our trust in the Lord is going. Fixing our eyes on Jesus is the One Thing we can do, as we see the injustices of the world.

Bildad: The Awe of God

In Job 25-26, Bildad begins to have a discussion with Job about the power of God. And, it sends off Job recounting the powers of our God. The question is –

Will we choose to realize the power of God today that is heavily at work in our lives?

Interlude: Truth Concerning Wisdom

But where can wisdom be found? Where does understanding dwell? No mortal comprehends its worth; it cannot be found in the land of the living (Job 28:12-13).

The search is for wisdom. Wisdom cannot be bought, but is a treasure to be found. Wisdom is incomparable to anything we could ever touch in this world with our hands. In 28:21, wisdom is described as being hidden. Following in verses 23-28 we learn exactly where to find wisdom, which is to seek for wisdom in God – because God is the Author of wisdom.

I recently begun a Bible study through Love God Greatly, and Proverbs 1:7 is the first day’s Scripture to reflect on. This points back to what we are being told in Job 28. If we want wisdom, we need to go and find God!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.


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