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Job 21-23; Psalms 21-22

I got behind this weekend, so I am going to start anew today. I have read almost all the Psalms from January 7-8, but, not the chapters of Job. Hopefully, I can come back to those reading at some point.


Assigned Reading for January 10: Psalms 21-22; Job 21-23

Psalms –

Chapters 21 – God shows us His strength in the way He treats us. The victory we seek, is in Him. Our trust rests in Him, where we cannot be shaken. God is the Authority over all of our foes. God loves us, and will act for us.

How are we praising God for His strength?

Chapters 22 – This psalm prophesies Jesus and His crucifixion. Throughout the psalm, we learn increasingly more about what Jesus faced and felt at the cross (and it was written long before Jesus was born in a manger). Jesus went through so much, for our sake. He is our Strength even now, when life seems like it is ruled by uncertainty. God is the One who gives us life, plans out the details of our lives, and listens to our heart’s cry – even crying with us. Jesus has come for us; He has done it, and brought salvation to all mankind.

For he has not despised or scorned
    the suffering of the afflicted one;
he has not hidden his face from him
    but has listened to his cry for help (Ps. 22:24).

Job –

Chapters 21-23 are what is on the agenda for today. We are half way through the book of Job. Can you believe it? I have been struggling with reading the book of Job lately, but I am trying to keep going – knowing it is about meeting God in this place and see what He says about the life of Job. It’s been interesting to read Job’s response to sufferings and then to read David’s heartfelt prayers on his struggles.

Job knew the character of God, as he made his case before God. He is outraged about how the wicked get to live in prosperity, while he struggles in his time of testing. But, I think his friends just added to its intensity. Eliphaz falsely accused him of even striping people of clothes, leaving them naked (see 22:4-10). They are convinced he has done something wrong – worthy of suffering like he faced. If there was one word for Job, it would be deliberate. Job is trying to find God, and his suffering adds to how he reacts to his friends, to God, to everything.

Our suffering is brought on, by being Satan’s enemies – quite honestly. Satan, our accuser, wants to destroy us and our faith in Jesus. But, we have already won the victory – because of Jesus Christ. Our hope is in Him! We have won – so stay the path, and watch how God will restore you and remind you of your hope.


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