Chronological Bible Study

Job 1-5; Psalms 8-10

Assigned Reading for January 4: Job 1-5; Psalms 8-10

Psalms –

Psalm 8 – God shows Himself to be worthy. In all His deeds, God has shown Himself to be worthy of our praise. Plus: It is only because of God’s very character that we are seen as important. He created us and appointed us with a duty.

He sees us and wants to be with us. That says much about God’s heart.

Psalm 9 – Gratitude is an ornament on which we can decorate our lives and make it even more beautiful. We need to remind ourselves of God’s love and miraculous deeds. God is the faithful One. He reigns with truth and justice.

He protects and leads us to safety. We need to consider God’s wonderful works and allow gratitude to be planted in our hearts.

Psalm 10 – God rules over all creation. While the wicked believe they won’t be held accountable, we know that they will answer for their actions (truthfully, we all will). God sees all that is done, and God will act – calling people to seek His face. God takes up the cause of the innocent – of those who follow Him. We have God as our Defender!

Job –

What really stood out to me is one phrase. Only one phrase, yet impactful.

Job stayed away from evil.

T R I A L S & T E S T I N G

In this beginning of Job (chapters 1-2), we are given a glimpse that he didn’t get to see: his trials came by the way of Satan who was convinced Job would curse God.

Trials can come upon us for many reasons, but one of those reasons is because the Devil thinks we will renounce our faith and the abundant hope we have in God.

For Job, his struggles came as a direct result to his following God. He has put all of his heart and soul into following the Lord God Almighty! But, would his faith survive the test?


As I read these words (“Job stayed away from evil”), it just has me thinking…

  • In my choices and the life I lead, how am I deliberately staying away from evil?
  • Knowing what tempts me, how am I devoting myself God and pushing away those things that cause me to not draw nearer to my Savior and my God?

These are the questions of today, as I sit, read, and make new choices – so that I might serve God on a whole new level of closeness. I know, one thing that has to go… it just doesn’t seem like it will be “easy”. But, that is where faith steps in. That, it will be worth it.

Feature image by Martin Castro.

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