Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7

Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7

Assigned Reading for January 3: Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7


Psalm 6 – Even though, there is much grief experienced when we realize the number and effect of our enemies, David helps us realize that there is hope and victory found in God. We have the One greater than all of us, fighting on our behalf with all of His power at work. In our grief, we can still boldly declare to our enemies that God is greater!

Psalm 7 – This psalm is beautiful. Here we are given the reminder, that God is our Protector and acts for us! God rescues us from our enemies before we become devoured. In this psalm, David states something profound. In his prayer, he is honest with himself and God that these attacks are not the result of wrongdoing on his part.

Often times, we play the blame game where we blame ourselves for the attacks. While he exposes the lie we often face, he is solely focused on God’s justice and protection. He doesn’t lose focus, even in his grief.


God remembered Noah. It took a year for the flood to dry up on the earth.

In that time, there was a significant amount of waiting and thinking about what the future would look like for them. What habits Noah would pick up? How would lead his family closer to God?

The very moment Noah and all the ark’s occupants on dry ground, Noah chose to worship God.

Each son’s family were identified by clan, language, territory, and national identity. They were divided into different groups, as each son goes his own way from the moment they “marry up”. In the Tower of Babel, we learn why we need to speak different languages versus speaking the same language. We could get ourselves into a significant amount of trouble if we spoke the same language, because we are both humans and wrestle with sin.

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