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Genesis 4-7; Psalms 3-5

Assigned Reading for January 2 – Genesis 4-7; Psalms 3-5


Today, I thought I would just zone in on particular statements that I feel reflects the truth of each psalm I read. Since I did not make it to Psalm 2 last night, I have added that into today’s reading.

Chapter 2 – In this particular psalm,  we are reminded that we need to accept God’s authority (celebrating it even) and choosing to be wise, serve the Lord with a holy kind of fear, accept His Son, and take refuge in Him.

Chapter 3 – While David could focus on many things, he focused his prayers on (1) what he knew about God (2) the hope of God (3) how God could deliver him (4) how God was sustaining him, and (5) he didn’t have to fear his foes. The same truths apply to us today and our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Chapter 4 – Because of the kind of relationship we have with our heavenly Father, we can call out to Him and tell Him of our distress – and absolutely expect Him to act through helping us find relief and see how God is the source of all provision.

Chapter 5 – God is the trustworthy One! He is my source of shelter and joy. He is the One protecting me on a constant basis, and all because of His amazing love!


From Genesis 4 to 7, the word “acceptance” stands out. In chapter 4, we are reminded that Cain would ultimately decide whether God was pleased with his offerings or not. “If you do well, won’t you be accepted?” In chapters 6-7, we are given a glimpse of what means to be made in the image of man and God. Noah’s grandfather faithfully walked with God, and was accepted by God because of the honest relationship he had with God. Noah knew what it would look like to have a walking relationship with God. While the choice was his, he picked up the attributes of his family tree as he followed God in word and deed. Because Noah followed the Lord obediently, he too was accepted by God.

The kind of acceptance we are given from God is the only one that matters. We can follow the legacy of either Cain or Noah. We can devote ourselves to sin or choose to walk with the Lord all the days of our lives. Which example will we follow?

While Cain was banished from God’s presence, Noah absolutely enjoyed and savored the presence of God!

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