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Genesis 1-3; Psalms 1-2


I am glad you have joined me on my avenue to seek after Christ. Grab your Bible and notebook, and let’s prepare ourselves to study the Word of God and be transformed from the inside – out.

The Reading Plan of Choice

Yesterday, I was able to begin my annual act of bravery to read through the Bible. I debated between two reading plans, found on this website which were the legacy and chronological reading plans. The chronological reading plan, I am well familiar with and is the plan my church family is focusing on. However the legacy reading plan, intrigued me with its flexibility. After some time of thinking on it, I have decided to go with the chronological reading plan.

I have been reading the Psalms lately, and falling in love with the level of honesty and raw emotions we find there. So, I knew I wanted a heavier dose of Psalms in my reading plan. These two things together, are what make up the reading plan I am choosing to follow in 2017.

My Hope

The One – Year – Chronological – Reading – Plan, along with a intentional journey to engage in the Psalms is what I hope to study in this new year. My goal is far from perfection. My honest goal is connection with my great God who continues to deliver me from the Devil’s snares on a daily basis. The God I know, love, and serve keeps me alive and delivers me from the mouth of the lion (see 2 Timothy 4:17). Through this time of study and worship, I want to learn more about how my God works and teaches me the things I need to know in life, as He continues to protect me through the truths found in His Word.

Each day, I resolve to study and post. While I may not cover each section, I will write and share honestly.

Today’s Study – Genesis 1-3; Psalms 1-2


In the book of Genesis, we are reminded of God’s love for us to be fruitful. God wants to see our efforts produce something, rather than nothing. He can take our efforts, and multiply what we have worked toward. Anywhere between childbearing, planting seeds for food, in how we apply ourselves at work or school, and in ministry.

In whatever situation you find yourself in, God wants to take what we have given Him and multiply it!

When God pours out, we can expect results. God does not work for nothing. God is very intentional in every single thing He does. From the creation of the world and how He moves in our midst, God is working and will see an abundance of results. Our command to be fruitful did not end when Adam and Eve sinned against God in the Garden of Eden. We are still called to be fruitful, and it begins in partnership with God and one another.

Adam was not fully prepared to govern his dominion, until he had found his suitable helper. No animal could do the job required, because God knew there was more needed in order for there to be success and yes fruit to show for it. We are taught why partnership is important. Without partnership with God and His Church, we won’t bear fruit like we could have. We won’t prosper like we could have. We have to allow our lives to be led by God and His Son Jesus Christ, which is where abundant life is found.


In Psalms 1, I am reminded that when we give ourselves to Christ – really give ourselves to Him and choose to say “no” to everything that is not of God, our Savior promises to guard our paths. When we choose to say “no” to mockers and other things, God allows us to see the spiritual fruit of such decisions reflecting our maturity in Jesus. When we choose to say “yes” to the Word of God and make studying God’s Word a priority, we will see the blessings fall down from Heaven. However, we need to remember that the blessings and spiritual fruit come in seasons. We need to not lose heart, when we say “no” to ungodliness and do not see immediate spiritual fruit.

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