Choices Despite Culture {Daniel}

In chapter 1, we discover how Daniel and his friends were torn between following God and obeying what the Babylonian culture instructed them to do. They had just been pulled away from their homes and all they know. Now, they had to decide – God versus culture. Those in authority told them they had to do something, that would cause them to disobey God. And, they had to reach a place of knowing what to do. Many of us find ourselves in a similar place of deciding whether to follow God or someone in authority (or even what society says).

Each of us will face the decision of who we will listen to and obey. It will either be God or someone else (or something else). We have to make the difficult decision to choose God over everything else – even if it makes us an outcast. God has chosen to dwell with us, so we have all we need to make these difficult decisions.

The Choice to Follow God

In college, I took a required science class. It stood against everything I believed. God showed me grace and growth that summer. I held onto my Bible like crazy and kept His truths close – and His Holy Spirit even closer. I know, God helped me with each difficult decision I made – during that season of my life. He enabled me to attend class, do the work, share my faith, and witness to others.

When we seek God’s help, He will show up!

Daniel’s Resolve

In Daniel 1:8, we see Daniel’s resolve bursting out. He did not stay quiet about his resolve. Daniel made the choice to wholly give himself to God and to walk in obedience, even if it seemed difficult or impossible to do. And, God made the way for Daniel to obey Him rather than submitting to the culture that would cause him to sin against God!

How do we continue to make God honoring decisions, even when things aren’t going our way?

He made very hard decisions. In life-or-death kinds of situations. As we read the book of Daniel, this is made clear. He had such a godly courage that I hope we come to emulate over our lifetime. It shows Christ in us, on such a profound level. Everything he did, revealed his trust in God. We can see the kind of relationship Daniel had with God.

… And it is amazing to know, we can have a close relationship with God like that too. This is all made possible by the blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ pave the way, to give us a right relationship with God and an abundance of peace. We are never alone either, for He walks with us!

Even in difficult times, God can give us His peace and direction! It is especially in these moments that we seek God the most, but let’s go forward full throttle in our pursuit of God. Praising Him, as He takes us through difficult situations, and when life is good too. With each choice we make, let us resolve to pray for our leaders, and to keep on praying in all situations.


One thought on “Choices Despite Culture {Daniel}

  1. Outstanding blog Stacey. I love your devotion to our Heavenly Father, and, our Redeemer Jesus. As I read your blog’s my mind takes me to that place in history your lesson is telling me of. My heart opens wide to receive God’s word, love, encouragement, and, I hand my situation over to the Lord. I have absolutely no control over this world, but Our God has complete and utter control, for He is the creator of it all, and He is mighty. I must remember this !!
    Thank you very much for your inspiration Stacey.

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