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For those who are interested, we begun a new study. While it’s official name is Citizen of Heaven, Resident of Earth, I tend to refer to it as the post election study. Because, that is what brought about the need for this particular study.

I want this to a time of remembering that God is much greater than us and our leaders. While God is even greater, our leaders have an important responsibility – because they have a great effect on those they are leading.

Not only do we need to keep them heavy in our prayers, let’s keep seeking and honoring Christ in how we respond to our elected officials and their decisions. We all leave an effect on this world, even those of us who don’t consider ourselves to be leaders. We all are leaving an example, whether good or bad.

Now, it is much different than my other reading plans. It is more of a “read through” particular books of the Bible, than our very slow pace of studying (that quite honestly I prefer). You can find out more about the study and what led to this reading plan here. Appropriately so, that post is called “How Will YOU Prepare for this Transition?

The Book of Daniel

… begins this upcoming week.

Daniel is a much loved person, who was rooted in God. He made decisions, while exiled in Babylon, that shows he stood with God – regardless of what others said or did. We need his testimony, as we live in a world that doesn’t often say or do what aligns with the very Word of God.

As you begin to study the book of Daniel, take a few moments to be in prayer. As we begin our time in the Word by praying, the Holy Spirit will begin to show us things we might not see otherwise. God has much to say to us, through this book!

Two particular things – This book shows us God’s power and the faith Daniel held onto. As we study, let’s take notice of the things God is wanting to teach us through His Word. Let’s take the extra few moments, to jot down Scriptures and any notes of what God is sharing with you.

Reading Plan Helps

It can easily be read in its entirety by reading two chapters per a day. I wanted to share a study guide, from a place I use often (Be aware: All I use or go to on this particular website is the study guides). Bible.org offers some insightful articles on different sections of the book of Daniel as well.

Also you might want to have commentaries nearby for those moments, when you need them.

Suggested Reading Plan –

  • Monday – Daniel 1-2
  • Tuesday – Daniel 3-4
  • Wednesday – Daniel 5-6
  • Thursday – Daniel 7-8
  • Friday – Daniel 9:1-11:1
  • Saturday – Daniel 11:2-12:13

Starting next week, the reading gets intense. So, I suggesting grabbing the audio Bible (you can utilize it over at… BibleGateway.com). The reading plan can be found here.

~ Stacey

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