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Friends, I have two wonderfully uplifting books to share with you the next few days. Both of these books are encouraging my spirit, and we all need more encouragement going on in our spirits.

Today, I have a bonus book review for you. Usually, I wait a few days before releasing the next review I have in store. However today, we are doing things a bit differently. So, I will be sharing with you the newest book by Sarah Young.

_225_350_book-2036-coverSarah Young is the author of Jesus Calling, which quickly became a favorite in the hearts of many believers since its arrival in 2011.

Jesus Always is her newest 365 day devotional. This book has been such a joy to have on hand. Even on the days, when life is most difficult, we are given the encouragement to remind us of the joy found in Christ.

While our human joy is often in short supply, God’s joy is unending. There is joy found in the presence of God.

With each devotional, we are reminded of the hope and joy found in Christ. These devotionals, by Sarah Young, have proven themselves to be such an encouragement in the life of the believer.

For me, I have been able to use my copy of Jesus Always to stay encouraged in the moments where it is most needed. I have been blessed with a copy of this timely devotional, to accompany me to a particularly dreadful time of medical testing. I have been blessed with this devotional, to keep me encouraged – even when I can only read for a few moments at a time. Actually, this devotion is perfect for those moments. I have been able to keep it near my bed. So, it is always available when I need something Spirit-led to read. When I need to be reminded of His truth, this is one of those resources.

While it is a good resource, it is never meant to be a replacement for our daily Bible study time. We need to allow it, to draw us deeper into His Word.

God is using Young greatly, through her writings, as others use them to draw nearer to God.

While Young writes each devotion from the perspective of our heavenly Father, we are reminded of the exact biblical references – where we learn these things are from the heart of God.

To increase our study time, we would benefit even more by taking these biblical passages and writing them upon our hearts. We are given the tools to lead us deeper in the Word of God. This is one of those tools, as we have a devotion that will cause our hearts to swell up with joy and desire to study these passages more intently.

You can find Jesus Always (and the rest of Young’s devotionals) on Amazon. Right now, Jesus Always is available for $9.99 in print or kindle form.

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