The Wandering Heart {{Week 5}}

Hi, my friends,

Today’s blog post is a bit late. I apologize for that, but it’s here! For anyone who is curious about what I have been up to, feel free to catch a glimpse over at Chronically Overcoming. I actually, just wrote up a new blog post on what I am going through.

Without further adieu, here is today’s blog post on what we can Glean From the Heart of Jesus (Please Note: It’s an affiliate link for the accompanying journal). You can find all of our “Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus” posts over here (putting them all in orderly form, is quite possibly one of the best ideas – ever. Especially for when I need to redo this study at a later date. . . Might even be time to go through Ephesians again.).

 The Scriptures – Matthew 5:27-28; Exodus 20:17

Do not want to have anything your neighbor owns. Do not want to have your neighbor’s house, wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey (Exodus 20:17, NIRV).

You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ (Exodus 20:14) But here is what I tell you. Do not even look at a woman in the wrong way. Anyone who does has already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5:27-28).


Lusting is to have an intense desire for someone that is not your spouse.

Jesus reminds His followers that there is such a thing as “heart adultery”. This is not a light-hearted thing. Jesus is showing us the seriousness of our thought life, too. We are held responsible. Point blank. Lusting after another who does not “belong” to you (in the context of Ephesians 5) is destruction. In Ephesians 5:3-7, we are reminded that the adulterer is not going to inherit the Kingdom of God. Lust is still sin. It is breaking one of the Ten Commandments. Which means – it is, in fact, going against the Most High and Holy God of the Universe.

When we sin we are choosing to say with our thoughts and actions, that we think our ways are far better than God’s prescribed ways.

Lust actually points to a deeper problem. If we are lusting (or coveting), it reveals that we have an unrestrained thought life. This is an area of temptation for many of us, but through Christ we can overcome it. In James, I am reminded that I am the only one who can make that choice to sin. It isn’t the Devil. It definitely isn’t God causing me to make that choice. But, it is me. It is all me and I am accountable for the choices I make.

We all are, responsible for the choices we make.

Today, let’s resolve to give this area to God. Take some time to repent of the ways you have lusted after (or had a desire for) another.

Christ is our great Redeemer, who is still mighty to save!

  • Acknowledge your offending a holy God. Confess your sin to God. “God, I am coming before You right now. I know I have sinned against you, by the way I have ____________.”
  • Seek His forgiveness. and help.
  • Remember His cleansing power.
  • Begin to put a plan in motion, to help you not fall into any tempting traps. 1 Peter 5:6-11 teaches us the importance of this step. While my list may look different from yours, my “plan of action” includes: Bible study. Keep Praying, Praising, and Serving God. Set Boundaries. Guard my heart and eyes. Hold onto and live out Philippians 4:8

Lord Jesus, lusting after another is serious. I know I am guilty of this, and cannot hide it. Not from You. I come before You to ask for Your forgiveness and for You to help me turn from my sin. Help me to not just turn from my sin, but to fully turn toward you. Help me to run toward You. I need to allow You to be the One to soothe my heart and be my portion. Thank You for all You are. Amen.