“Uninvited” (Lysa TerKeurst)

Recently, I discovered a new book. “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst. This is her newest study to hit stores. I have heard about “Uninvited” for a while, and eagerly awaited an opportunity to get my hands on this book. So, I was ecstatic when I found it out on BookLook (a book reviewing program by her publisher, Thomas Nelson).

The Review

I absolutely love this book! It is such an easy read, engaging as she shares her own experiences, and I can tell you this – you will not want to stop reading it. I have had a hard time putting the book down.

There is just so much in this book, that God is using to speak to me about where I have been and the place I am in now. This book can be used as a “healing balm” given to us by God Himself. In this study, we are reminded of God’s unfailing truths!

Not only is “Uninvited” a book where we are reminded of God’s truth, Lysa shares her heart and struggles concerning rejection too. Lysa, through “Uninvited”, is highly engaging and helps lead us to the One who declares He is for us. In her book, Lysa points us to the fullness of God. It is the place where our healing comes from. It is the place, where we can love others – out of the wells of grace God offers to us.

My Story

Typically, I do not buy DVD studies. This is the second one I have bought over the summer months. “Uninvited” has been a tool I need, as well. I knew I need to buy the additional resources, to help me as I continue to uncover experiences and seek healing.

Through this book, I am learning much about God and what fullness in Him means. I am learning how to live like I am loved. A message I desperately need to hear. I have needed God to shout His message of acceptance, safety, peace, and grace. While we each have a past involving the burden of rejection, it is a weight we don’t have to carry anymore. I am looking forward to diving deeper in this book, through her DVD study and guide.

God is revealing much to me, as I realize scenarios in my life that I have kept hidden. God has much more in store, for us. But, we must exchange the weight of people’s words and actions, for the love God has for each one of us. It is there, where healing is found. We can finally lay it all down at the cross, and begin to move on. We can begin to deal with our thought processes, resulting from years of rejection, and learn how to take our thoughts captive – and experience the beauty of Christ. As we surrender to Him, He is going to do something wonderful, as we remember our rejection scars.

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