Hope for All {Week 1}

The Scriptures – Matthew 4:15-16; Lk. 1:78-79

“In the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, the road to the sea along the Jordan in Galilee, the land of the outsiders— In these places, the people who had been living in darkness saw a great light. The light of life will overtake those who dwelt in the shadowy darkness of death (Mt. 4:15-16, VOICE).”

“All this will flow from the kind and compassionate mercy of our God. A new day is dawning: the Sunrise from the heavens will break through in our darkness, And those who huddle in night, those who sit in the shadow of death, Will be able to rise and walk in the light, guided in the pathway of peace (Lk. 1:78-79).”

Jesus is making His plan clear!

As Jesus goes from town to town preaching, He is fulfilling the Scriptures. Isaiah, the prophet, foretold these events long ago, and now they were springing into action. The message is this – God is proclaiming His Kingdom. He is going to the sinners, whose lives are filled with darkness. Jesus brings a message of hope and mercy. It is because of the tender mercy of God.

Jesus brings a message of hope and mercy. It is because of the tender mercy of God. (Click-to-Tweet)

While Jesus is the holy of holies, His message is going straight toward the unlikely. These are the people everyone else was prejudice against. These are the people that were on the outskirts of society. God is showing love and compassion toward everyone, especially those who are often overlooked by others.

Jesus is turning the world upside down. The people living in spiritual darkness, are seeing His great light. Their lives will never be the same again. Ours should be like that too. Each moment we spend with our Beloved Savior, ought to change us. The hope of Jesus Christ ought to cause us to purge the darkness, exposing its evil deeds (Jn. 3:16-21), and help us to see our need for Jesus Christ and His light.

The hope of Christ is a covering for our lives, which forever alters how we view and conduct our lives. (Click-to-Tweet)

Father God, thank you for shining your light on me. I need to get closer to you. Please hold me. I need more intimate moments with you. Thank you for the reminder that your hope is what it’s all about! Your hope should change us all. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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One thought on “Hope for All {Week 1}

  1. I really enjoyed this journal. As as person losing her sight, images of light and darkness are so close to my heart. I can identify with them. the physical and spiritual darkness and physical and spiritual light. Lovely reminder of who God is.
    Thank you.

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