Experiencing the Beauty of... Isaiah 40

Nations Versus God {{Week 2}}

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The Scriptures – Isaiah 40:15-17; Daniel 4:35

In the news today, we are reminded of an nation’s greatness. We read about the power struggles between this and that nation. Yet, here we are given the truth.

Nations are regarded as nothing, in comparison to God. If we think people and nations are where power is found, then, we are sadly mistaken. We need to take a second glance – using the Word of the Lord as our guide.

God’s Greatness

In Daniel 4:34-35, we are reminded of God and His character. We couldn’t begin to compare ourselves to God. His rule and kingdom is described as “everlasting” and “eternal”.

He Holds It All

The world is spinning out of control, but God is in charge of it all. This world answers to a holy God. The holy God. To Him, we will all give account. It is time to lay down our pride, and humble ourselves before God.

Why We Can Rest Easy

In Christ there is safety and comfort, for God is always going to remain the same. We don’t have to transition from worship to worry. God is on our side, acting on our behalf. This is why we need to stop all the comparing, and just humbly seek His face. He is far greater than anything on this earth!

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