Overnight Oats + Apples {{Recipes}}

I found a new favorite meal. I have to share. I have to talk about it.

In my life of chronic illness and food allergies//intolerances, I am forever on a hunt for easy food that tastes good. If it doesn’t have nuts, gluten, eggs, potatoes, soy, beans of any sort, and a crazy high histamine level (is that all of them?), I am totally there!

There has been a buzz about “overnight oats” for a while. When I started the “21 Day Fix,” I discovered an intensity in the buzz. I resisted the urge to try them. But with my new morning routine, I decided it was time to give it a try. I am so glad I did.

Overnight oats are still oats, but they are made better! The texture is different. The temptature is different. Eating cold oats, was a totally new way of thinking for me. “Ahem, am I supposed to heat this up or something? What do I do with it now?”

Give it a try, because you will love it. You might want to add in other flavors, to give yourself a variety. But, I have two recipes to share. Then, of course, I am sharing my notes of what I did differently.

Overnight Oats

My choice, here, was to use oats and milk. Before I continue on, there is an important side note to share. Some people are so sensitive to gluten, that they cannot handle even gluten free oats. Since you are reading this, I am operating under the assumption you are not one of those people. If you are, use a different recipe. Perhaps, like one of these. You will have to do your own experimenting. I am not in the business of converting grain recipes to faux type recipes. I leave that to the professionals.

Once you have your bowl of milk and oats, add in some vanilla extract and a dash of salt (particularly if you have Dysautonomia and/or low blood pressure) before moving on to the apples stage.

Cinnamon Apples

Once your overnight oats are ready to be refrigerated, now is the time to add in the apple slices. Preferably, you will want to make these in advance. At least, allow them to be cooled before popping them in the fridge.

This recipe is wonderful.
These apples are amazing!
… But if your body is shearly anti-histamine, you may want to consider that before you adventure into their wonderfulness. Cinnamon is known for its histamine content.

Due to the way I react to refined sugar, I opted to use three kinds of other sugar: Nevella, Agave Nectar, and Honey. I opted to use shortening versus butter, since that’s what I had on hand. The only thing I would change, for the next batch, is the size of my apple slices. Diced apple slices, seem like a better option than wedges… then, I don’t have to try and cut them up in my overnight oats.

The fantastic thing about the cinnamon apple slices is – one batch will last for a week of overnight oats. For ease: I threw the leftover apple slices in a fridge-safe bowl, and just add them in each night with the overnight oats. For me, this is meal prep made easy, delicious, allergen free, and a healthier option for when we find ourselves in need of convienent food!

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